It’s Like I Got a B12 Shot!

Vitamin B12After years of trying, our organization has finally gotten ahold of We are dedicated to improving the look and feel of this site, which has been parked for quite some time and not benefitting its users. All of that is about to change. Our new site is designed to provide information to consumers about everything B12. We want to be the premier consumer resource for Vitamin B12 information, and get input from people on all sides of the B12 debate. We aim to be a one-stop resource for Vitamin B-12 shots, and provide information that will help consumers make an informed decision. As a disclaimer, we are not doctors or medical professionals, and you should always consult with licensed physicians before you choose to receive injections or stick needles in yourself. No matter what anyone might tell you, you can’t “teach yourself” to get regular injections, even if you see a lot of YouTube videos showing you how. Remember, an improperly administered injection can lead to infections, lost limbs, and death.

This site is dedicated to getting out the facts about B12 shots and letting the chips fall where they may. Our philosophy is that we won’t champion lipotropic injections for people who don’t need them, and if we see research saying that B12 injections aren’t useful for some people or some conditions, then we will be open and clear about it. You deserve the truth, without a hard sell for injectable B12, syringes, and accessories if you could get a better result from sublingual drops, diet and exercise, or medical treatments. There are already many opinions out there in the real world about vitamin b-12. Medical doctors have a list of conditions that are helped with B-12. Complimentary medicine professionals and naturopaths will tell you that it is good for many other conditions. People on the street, and pharmacies online, will let you think that B-12 shots cure cancer, old age, AIDS, and the common cold, and if this were actually true a very large drug company would be selling it for a lot more money.

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